The Magnolia Bakery Collection

Words By sheila lam


To be recognized as one in a city of icons is a formidable task, and Magnolia Bakery has undoubtedly made a name for itself. As one of the world’s most famous bakeries, the charming shop has reached far beyond its humble beginnings on a quaint New York City corner in the West Village. In 1996, Magnolia Bakery created their coveted red velvet cupcakes, which have since become favourites among locals and visitors, appearing in some of the city’s beloved location-centric shows and movies like Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. One look at their signature swirl drop icing, and you’d be hard-pressed to say that Magnolia Bakery didn’t make an indelible mark on the entire confection industry worldwide. For this special partnership, we’ve designed a limited edition collection with the iconic bakery to bring a little more sweetness to travel.


“There’s a mutual interest in collaborating because if we look at Magnolia Bakery, they have an audience that is destination-driven, just like us,” says Kathleen Westerhout, Senior Director of Product at Monos. “We like to speak about location, and speak relevantly to site-specific events and flavours from around the world.” Inspired by Magnolia Bakery’s delectable offering, Westerhout landed on the two most in-demand – World-Famous Banana Pudding and rich buttercream Purple icing – for this collection of limited-edition luggage, bags, and travel accessories. “It’s also an opportunity for us, for the first time, to do a true matching set with our luggage and the bags,” Westerhout explains. “We haven’t done that before, and it turned out to be really fun.”


A unique departure from the core classics, this partnership is an excellent opportunity for Monos to experiment with bolder colours, while celebrating a New York City icon. “We’re in a place where we have so much room to grow and so many things to offer,” says Westerhout. “Looking at the forecast of trends is one thing, but for Monos, the storytelling aspect truly drives the brand, both in our product offering and our content. It’s looking at what are we bringing into reality and, more importantly, why? Unlike anything we’ve done before, the new Magnolia Bakery Collection blends two brands and marks an exciting new journey of exploration and expansion for us. It’s great to tell this story with another brand like Magnolia Bakery,” says Westerhout. “It gives context and a place for it to land.”


I remember my first trip to New York City over a decade ago. Having an insatiable sugar craving, Magnolia Bakery was one of my must-visit stops. So I was full of sweet anticipation when I made the saccharine pilgrimage to the West Village on a warm spring afternoon. Opening the door and seeing stacks of cookies, cakes, and other confectionaries behind the counter did not disappoint. The black and white daisy-tiled floor was met with branded boxes against the window and other delightful merchandise. I, of course, ordered an assortment of classic cupcakes on my way to meet friends in Central Park. I only wish now that I had the Banana Pudding Metro Duffel with me to carry an extra batch. 



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