Our story

Our name is inspired by the Japanese concept mono no aware
the appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments.

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Our Philosophy

Travel mindfully

Travel is what you make of it. For some, it’s an escape from everyday life. But for others, it’s a chance to grow and learn. To explore places near and far with wonder and curiosity, with gratitude and graciousness. To greet the world with open eyes and arms, and an open mind and heart. We founded Monos with these travellers in mind, because we are these travellers too.


Mindfulness – being fully immersed in the here and now – is at the heart of our philosophy on travelling and living well. We believe that when we are present in the moment and mindful in our travels – when we are passionate wanderers – that is when the deeper beauty of the world reveals itself.

Our Design

Less is more

We value simplicity, and we believe that a well- designed, premium suitcase doesn’t need to be loud and flashy – it simply speaks for itself. In today’s throwaway society of passing trends and mass consumption, we design our pieces to be timeless classics, with an understated aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Our Quality

Made to last

We believe in having fewer but better things. That’s why we decided from the outset that every single part we use matters, and every little detail counts. From Germany to Japan, we sourced the highest quality parts and materials in the world. And if we couldn’t find a component that met our standards, we worked with industry experts to make it ourselves.

Our Model

More value, less markup

Word to the wise: other direct-to-consumer companies may advertise “free” shipping to drive sales, but the shipping cost is built into their price already – you just don’t see it. They offset that cost by spending less on production, keeping profits high but resulting in a lower quality product. At Monos, we do the opposite. We subsidize as much of your shipping as we can, and we spend more on production. Because we believe quality should never be sacrificed for the bottom line.

Our People

People before profits

We value the connections we make with people everywhere – in our travels, collaborations, factory partnerships, and customer service. We believe that genuine human connection and understanding are the keys to travelling well, doing good business, and living a good life.

Our Future

Our story is just beginning.

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