The Colour of Calm and Quiet

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Every colour has the ability to influence how we feel. It could trigger a memory of a person we loved, a place we’ve visited, or simply induce an unexplainable feeling.

When travelling to the desert, it’s not just the vastness of the land that’s inspiring. If you look closely, you will see varying colours and patterns from each grain of sand that are found in this seemingly uniform environment. When the wind brushes through, it looks like chaos: sand jumps, leaps, and lands in every direction. But when the wind stops and the sand calms, we are left with an organic pattern of waves, as though every movement was purposeful. We chose desert taupe to evoke the same feelings of calm and quiet that the desert shared with us.

It’s as if when I open myself up to every perception, things create their own focus.”

– Kirstin Cashore


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