QuickSnap™ Modular Kit System

Unique to our Metro Collection of backpacks and duffels is QuickSnap™, our modular kit system which allows you to easily detach or swap out interchangeable kits according to your day’s needs.

Your Metro Kit snaps on magnetically and locks in place so it can’t be easily snatched off. To unlock and detach it, find the tab located underneath the bottom of the kit. Pull the tab down while lifting the kit up from the bottom and your Metro Kit will unlock and detach.

To attach your Metro Kit, simply line up the QuickSnap™ magnets and your kit will snap into place.

Both the Metro Classic Kit (included with each Metro bag) and the Metro Folio Kit (available as an optional add-on) are enabled with QuickSnap™, and are fully interchangeable between the Metro Backpack and Metro Duffel.