Monos vs Away

Discover why more and more travellers are choosing Monos over the Away luggage through this side-by-side comparison.

“Just get the Monos.”

– Gear Patrol


Customer Reviews

“Monos owns my heart. AMAZING OVERALL QUALITY: product quality, customer support quality, brand quality!”

Pauline O., AL

Verified Buyer

Luggage designed to stand apart

Monos (left) is committed to creating premium luggage with no compromises. See the up-close comparison photos.

Custom-Designed Handle

Monos’ high-grade aluminum handle is custom-designed with a 45-degree angle for stability and four adjustable heights. Away only has two fixed options, which are often too high or too short.

Ultra-Smooth Finish

Away's rough exterior resembles industrial sandpaper, unlike Monos’ refined matte finish, which features subtle graining, creating a smooth appearance from a distance.

Improved Protection

Away's suitcase stitching is exposed at the spine, while Monos' luggage uses a protected approach to avoid damage and fraying, making it more long-lasting.

Premium Straps

Monos attaches its industrial-grade straps to the wheels and handle with screws for a secure fit, as opposed to Away's which attaches its straps to the inner shell using glue.

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Compare Monos vs Away

In 2018, Monos was founded in Vancouver by three childhood friends who shared a passion for travel and a desire to create high-quality luggage that was both stylish and affordable. Away, a travel brand based in New York, was founded in 2015 by two colleagues with a similar vision of accessible hard-shell luggage.

Despite being founded just three years apart, both companies have quickly become major players in the luggage industry, inviting their customers to explore innovative ways of traveling with both style and ease. Where Canadian contender Monos truly sets itself apart, however, is in its commitment to sustainability and a mindful lifestyle, which informs the elegant simplicity of its products.





Durable, Lightweight Shell

Shop super light and dependable hard-side suitcases available in a variety of sizes and colourways

TSA-Approved Lock

Protect your luggage with a trusted lock

360° spinner wheels

Glide effortlessly from narrow airplane aisles to bumpy cobblestone streets

Ultra-Sturdy Telescopic Handle

Choose Monos’ high-grade aluminum handle with four adjustable heights (while the Away suitcase offers only two)

Premium Interior Experience

Enjoy premium packing with Monos’ high quality compression straps, 50D silk-like interior fabric, individual shoe bags, plus a magic eraser for suitcase cleaning


Climate Neutral Certified

Travel with a lighter footprint by choosing Monos, the first luggage company to achieve Climate Neutral Certification

100% Vegan Finishes

Be confident in knowing your Monos case is comprised of zero-waste cruelty-free textiles

Eco-Friendly Materials

Keep Mother Earth in mind: Monos zippers and interior fabric are made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill

1% for the Planet Member

Help support high-impact environmental initiatives – one percent of every Monos purchase goes toward protecting the environment

Customer Experience

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on all orders, no minimum requirement

Buy Now, Pay Later

Take advantage of Monos’ flexible payment options with 0% interest

Live Chat

Get a fast response from Monos via iMessage, SMS, or website inquiry

Lifetime Warranty

Purchase luggage only once in a lifetime with the Monos promise

(excludes USB charger)

Leave the built-in USB charger behind

Unlike Away, the Monos doesn't come with a built-in USB charger. Here’s why these battery chargers are a thing of the past:


You are required to purchase and carry your own USB cable. It's more convenient to carry a portable charger that does include a cord, in a separate bag.


Batteries begin to deteriorate and decrease in performance before 1 year. Brands should instead invest in high-quality components and materials that last a lifetime.


Federal Aviation Administration and airline policies are subject to change. Airlines require the removal of the built-in USB charger before boarding for safety reasons.

what customers are saying

  • “I have been doing research on luggage companies for a few years now – there isn’t anything else out there that compares to Monos.”

    Cory S., WI, USA

    Verified Buyer

  • “This is the best luggage on the market. It’s so sophisticated, and so much thought went into the design. I almost didn’t buy it, and now I say to myself, ‘What was I thinking?’”

    Silvia H., NY, USA

    Verified Buyer

  • “I spent a lot of time debating this carry-on and the other popular D2C brand, but I'm so happy with my choice. The pockets are everything! It makes such a different to have some built-in pockets for keeping small items in their place.”

    Sara G., MN, USA

    Verified Buyer

Award-Winning Luggage

The Monos Carry-On gained international recognition after its launch in 2019 with an A' Design Award, and was later exhibited at the MOOD Museum of Design in Como, Italy.

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