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The original, award-winning Carry-On. Designed to comply with the size restrictions of as many airlines as possible, this suitcase fits in the overhead bin of nearly any flight, anywhere in the world.

2–5 days

Trip Length

Small – Large

Plane Size
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Carry-On Plus



The bigger sibling of our Carry-On. Designed to fit the larger measurements of luggage sizers, this bag fits in the overhead bins of major US airlines and larger planes (but may need to be checked on smaller planes).

3–7 days

Trip Length


Plane Size
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Check-In Medium



When you want more room but don’t want to go too big, the Check-In Medium is the perfect midsize case for couples or individuals going on longer trips. Pairs well with the Carry-On, which nests inside for easy storage.

7–18 days

Trip Length

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Check-In Large



Designed to maximize storage, the Check-In Large is ideal for families, couples, or those who just like being able to pack anything, with room to spare for souvenirs. Pairs well with the Carry-On Plus, which nests inside.

7–21 days

Trip Length

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Please note that any airline’s size restrictions are subject to change at any time, and luggage sizers may vary from airport to airport. Also, any airline may ask you to gate check your luggage at their discretion. It’s always a good idea to give yourself plenty of time in case of any surprises at the airport.